Why Study MIA in Singapore?

Why Singapore?


International City in the Heart of Asia

Singapore is the destination of choice to pursue your Master in International Affairs (MIA) programme. A cosmopolitan city at the heart of Asia, Singapore’s geographical location is strategic in its proximity to Asia’s emerging economies — a region marked by unprecedented economic growth, rapid urbanisation, domestic reforms and globalisation.

But Asia is not without its challenges. Tensions in the South China Sea and the lack of access to basic goods in developing countries are some pressing problems that demand international solutions in a politically complex environment. Singapore is the ideal, neutral base to learn and discuss these complexities.

Widely regarded as the world’s gateway to Asia, Singapore offers a balanced and culturally grounded perspective of geopolitical and socioeconomic issues in Asia. With sound infrastructure, Singapore itself is a testbed for new policy solutions and new ways of governance. From Singapore, you can gain a panoramic yet intimate understanding of the diverse challenges and opportunities in Asia.

Global Business Hub, Your Career in Asia

Singapore is a global business hub with over 7,000 multinational companies headquartered in the country. It ranks as the most competitive country in Asia and the second most competitive country in the world, based on the Global Competiveness Index by the World Economic Forum (2015-2016).

This puts Singapore ahead of the United States, Germany and the Netherlands as a hub for commercial activities, and translates into abundant opportunities for you to intern and work with multinational corporations. Singapore is the ideal stepping-stone towards a career in Asia.

Hub for World-Class Education and a Strategic Meeting Point for Global Thought Leaders

Singapore attracts an elite community of researchers and specialists from all over the globe and has built up an international reputation as a hub for world-class education and research. You are plugged into a network of top notch academics and practitioners who contribute to a vibrant academic community in Singapore. The LKY School hosts numerous keynote lectures by world famous thought leaders, and this gives you the opportunity to interact and build professional connections with business and government leaders.

The annual Shangri-La Dialogue (SLD) held in Singapore, also known as the Asia Security Summit— that brings together Defence Ministers and officials from the Asia Pacific to discuss and debate the key security issues and challenges of the region and beyond. Organised by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) and conceived as the Asian equivalent of the Munich Conference on Security Policy, the SLD is a key site for feeling the political-strategic pulse of the Asia Pacific, especially with regard to the security policy orientations and initiatives of the major and other relevant powers. The LKY School’s faculty are regular SLD participants.

Quality of Life

Singapore has been ranked by the Mercer 2016 Quality of Living Survey as a top Asian country for its quality of life. You will enjoy living in one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world, with award winning urban infrastructure, amenities, and healthcare. The city-state also enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Unique Cultural Confluence

Situated in Southeast Asia, Singapore lies at the cultural crossroads of China and India. You will benefit from living in a heterogeneous and vibrant city, where diverse traditions and cultures co-exist harmoniously in the interstices of everyday life. English is the lingua franca in Singapore’s education system. With English as the main language, the city is easy to navigate and get around. Singapore’s cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism makes the city state a compelling destination for you.

The low study costs, combined with Singapore’s strong economy and excellent higher education system, makes the prospect of undertaking a Master in International Affairs study in Singapore extremely attractive.


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