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At the LKY School of Public Policy, we are keen to engage with employers and establish meaningful partnerships that can add value to the recruitment strategy of our employer partners. There are different modes of participation and complimentary career services that a prospective employer can leverage on.

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Alternatively, you may request for a Resume Book featuring recent graduates of the LKY School.

Résumé Book 2018

LKY School Resume Book 2018

One complimentary resource available to employers is the 2018 edition of the LKY School Résumé Book, featuring a distinguished pool of recent graduates of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy from the following programmes: 

• Master in Public Administration (MPA), with a focus on decision-making and leadership
• Master in Public Policy (MPP), with a focus on policy analysis and technical skills

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An online link and password will be sent to you, enabling you to download the Résumé Book. 


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We can be your trusted thought partners for developing an effective campus recruitment strategy and help you to successfully hire for attitude and train for skill. You can also tap on Career Services to start establishing a multi-level partnership with the school, enhance your campus ambassador strategy, and grow your network of policy wonks, public affairs professionals, development experts, analysts and researchers, just to name a few, in Singapore or globally. Whether you seek a full-time employee or an intern, the LKY School’s Career Services team is here to assist you. For more info, please click here.