Die die, must try! KF Seetoh's Makansutra Talk at College Green


With all of the new students settled in, it’s time to make sure that everyone takes full advantage of the local culinary delights here in Singapore. To that end we invited KF Seetoh, author of the famous Makansutra street food guidebook to come and speak to us.

KF Seetoh spoke and answered questions for a little over an hour, and then signed copies of his book that we had bought to give as gifts to the students. The talk was not just informative but also very entertaining – as you can see from the photos, he had everyone laughing and joining in.


From where to go to get good vegetarian food (Japan, or, alternatively, the Guan Yin temple off Middle Road) to Anthony Bourdain’s favourite food in Singapore (cigarettes/anything slimey and wriggly), KF Seetoh gave us all an unparalleled insight into Singapore’s food culture – as well at bringing along a delicious kueh salat for us to share.


After the talk, Neo catering provided an excellent meal for everyone, with nasi lemak, sambal eggs, chicken rise, ah char and other local delicacies. KF Seetoh signed copies of his book for the students, and we all planned our next culinary outings.

For those who enjoyed the Makansutra talk, and those who missed it, the next College Green activity will happen in the second week of November and be all about Singlish – so don’t say we bo jio you!

This article was written by Jennifer Dodgson on 23 September 2015. She is a doctoral candidate at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.