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More than 2,800 graduates of our degree programmes live and work in about 80 countries, forming a diverse community that the School continues to draw support from. Our alumni have gone on to become ambassadors and editors, social entrepreneurs and, of course, government officials, all working to make a difference in Asia and beyond.




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employed within 6 months of graduation

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  • Thynn Thynn Hliang1Alumni
    Thynn Thynn Hliang
    Master in Public Administration (2008), Myanmar
    At the LKY School, I learnt to lead a diverse community and develop strategic plans.
  • Harry Pham Van AnhAlumni
    Pham Van Anh, Harry
    Master in Public Administration (2017), Vietnam

    When you have empathy for people, you try your best to support and understand them.

  • Johannes LohAlumni
    Johannes Loh

    Master in Public Policy (2010), Germany

    People know each other well enough and give each other the time and attention that you might not find if you are studying at a large university. I think this is really something that LKYSPP alumni should treasure and work towards. 

  • naomi-testimonialAlumni
    Naomi Jacob
    Master in Public Policy (2011), India
    We want to provide a stable income for our makers, not just a better income because a better income doesn't help them to stay in the business.
  • john-paul-testimonialAlumni
    John-Paul Parmigiani
    Master in Public Polic (2011), USA
    While I was at the LKY School, I was inspired by the lectures and the professors to consider entrepreneurship as a vehicle for change

Giving back to LKYSPP

We welcome our alumni to give generously to the school. Alumni can do this through initiatives such as the Alumni Fund, Dean's Fund and even volunteering as Career Advisor.
Giving back to LKYSPP
The LKYSPP Alumni Fund will help to support student and alumni initiatives.
The Dean’s Fund is made up of gifts to the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy that are not designated for a specific purpose.
Help in the career development of students and graduates by volunteering on the panels of career forums, informing them of internship and job opportunities etc.