3 Nov 2015

Ageing is inevitable.

In countries such as Singapore, an ageing population creates new societal challenges and opportunities. How is the nation taking care of the elderly who have been the foundation of this successful country?

The immersion in the lives of the elderly offers valuable insight to aspiring policymakers and analysts passionate about social policy. The volunteers who participated in this project were given a glimpse of the challenge that the elderly face: the transition from an active and productive phase in life to their current reality. The experience pushed the volunteers out of their comfort zones as they explored their personal realities of being future caregivers to elderly parents and growing old.

Through this photojournal and video documentary, we hope to inspire people to spend time with the elderly, not just because of future policy considerations, but out of compassion as well.

OLD IS GOLD: A V.O.Y.A.G.E. by LKY School of Public Policy on Exposure

We are seven LKY School students in the ‘Leadership and Teamwork’ Module under Professor Jonathan Marshall. Brought together by the common desire to experience the “other side” of Singapore, we wish to create policies that are both relevant and meaningful. This short documentary depicts our experience volunteering at the All Saints Tampines nursing home, to raise awareness and spark interests in elderly care issues in Singapore.