Valentine's Day feature: Jane Du and Masato Mikamo (MPA 2017)

14 Feb 2019

Masato and Jane

Jane and Masato at MPA Valedictory Dinner

How did you meet each other?

Jane: My earliest impression of Masato was from our first Governance Study Project class, when we were grouped into the same year-long project team. He struck me as a chubby guy. His stomach turned out to be able to expand infinitely and he was dubbed the “food terminator” by our classmates.

Masato: I still remember our first lunch. It was at school canteen, after a class of MPA core module in school canteen. She was approaching to our table, with a big smile on her face after getting her favorite super-size beef soup. We found out later that she has ordered rice and some meaty stuff. I was sure her stomach has more capacity than mine.

What do you like most about each other?

Jane: He is very patient and helpful. We were in the same Economic Analysis case discussion group and Policy Analysis assignment team. We argued countless times, but always managed to come to a conclusion. He volunteered to work more on group works when others were busy with coursework during the Special Term. Although we are from different cultural backgrounds, our minds became so synchronised, thanks to the numerous practices of communicating over common assignments.

Masato: She is very thoughtful to others. She volunteered so many roles for the class: a photographer, management of cross-talk session with Pawan (our MPA classmate), preparing gifts for special occasions, sword dancing etc. After marriage, she always cares for my parents and relatives. She communicates with my mother and grandparents much more often than me though they have different native languages to speak. I am proud of her thoughtfulness.

Masato and Jane in China

Masato and Jane at a recent trip to China to visit Jane’s family

Any interesting stories that you had as a couple while you were still at the School?

We were friends for a very long time. The two of us didn't go out until end of the first semester. It was right after the Economic Analysis term exam. Both of us were craving for sushi after working on Prof. Ashish Lall's seafood case study, so we went to have lunch together. Each of us had 10 surf clam sushi after ramen. It was the first time that only the two of us hanged out together.