Time for Asean to prioritise climate action

27 Apr 2018

As 2018 chair of Asean, Singapore is ideally placed to prioritise climate change on Asean's agenda. After all, among the world's 10 countries most affected by climate change, four - Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam - are Asean members. And for Singapore to advance the regional agenda on climate action would be fitting in view of the twin themes of Asean 2018: resilience and innovation.

The World Economic Forum ranks climate change as the top global threat to prosperity.

But most businesses worldwide are not operating as if global warming is a major economic and financial threat, even in highly exposed South-east Asia. This must change: businesses and governments need to build stronger resilience and better coping capacities to confront global warming. As a regional response, Asean as an organisation can do a great deal to help lead the charge.

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Vinod Thomas

Visiting Professor