Sri Lanka Ministry of Finance & Planning officers learn about behavioural economics & public policy process

22 Apr 2015

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The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy delivered the Executive Programme on Excellence in Public Policy and Management (EPPM) for the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Sri Lanka. The programme was conducted at the Miloda Academy of Financial Studies, Colombo, over a total of six days in February and March 2015. The participants consisted of 170 middle to senior level officers from 22 departments across the Ministry of Finance and Planning.


This collaboration between the LKY School and the Sri Lankan government was in support of the government’s Fiscal Management Efficiency Project, which was also given assistance by the Asian Development Bank. Through the programme, the LKY School contributed to capacity building in Sri Lanka’s public sector.

Participants explored a diverse and challenging set of topics, facilitated by experienced LKY School faculty and experts. These included key concepts in behavioural economics and how they have been applied to the design of public policies, the impact of cognitive biases on policymakers, the various stages in the public policy process and how this process could be improved through analysis and evaluation.


By paying close attention to how humans actually think and decide, and their behavioural patterns, we can implement new policies that would work for others in the society.” 
– Ms. Ruchira Piyasekera, Department of Public Finance