Representatives from Assam Administration Undergo Executive Programme at LKY School

29 Jan 2014

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Twenty government officials from the State Government of Assam attended the “Executive Programme on Good Governance & Excellence in Public Service Delivery” conducted at the LKY School from 16–20 December 2013. Assam is state home to over 30 million people and strategically located at India’s north-eastern region between Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The five-day training programme led by Prof. Eduardo Araral introduced participants to Singapore’s experience in public service delivery and governance. It comprised interactive classroom lectures and discussions, incorporating a diverse and challenging set of topics on e-government, public sector reforms and management, good governance, public service delivery, corruption control and others. The programme also provided insights into the intricacies of policymaking, public service delivery and governance in a complex environment. As part of the programme, participants visited the Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau to reinforce the classroom learning.

At the end of the programme, participants expressed that they had gained a stronger understanding of Singapore’s innovations in public service delivery and learnt valuable lessons, specifically a mindset change and the motivation to adapt elements of Singapore’s experience to meet the needs of Assam, to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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