IWP to begin capacity-building and research collaborations with World Bank

9 Sep 2016

On September 9, 2015, the World Bank and the National University of Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding [] dedicated to strengthen their partnership in areas of shared expertise and to promote policy research concerning global development challenges such as urban congestion, pandemics, and insufficient investment in infrastructure.

Under this MoU, the Institute of Water Policy (IWP) will work with the World Bank on capacity building of government clients in Asia and on collaborative research. The goal of the collaboration is to deliver solutions to governments and conduct impactful research.

One of the avenues for capacity building is IWP’s annual Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme. The Bank and IWP will also collaborate on research and knowledge exchange to enable governments in Asia to take on climate proofing, integrated urban water management and water security.

Institute of Water Policy Staff

Institute of Water Policy Staff