Alumni Event



4月15日,应新加坡国际联谊署邀请,新加坡国立大学李光耀公共政策学院上海校友会参加了“新加坡演讲者系列(Singapore Speakers Series)——李显扬先生演讲活动”。李显扬先生在讲话中与大家分享了他的职业生涯以及对人生的感悟,并围绕双语教育、新中年轻人的发展优势、创业创新环境以及樟宜机场未来规划等大家感兴趣的话题进行了交流,让参会校友及在场每一位观众都深受启发。演讲结束后,校友们与李先生做了交流并合影,还与活动主办方新加坡国际联谊署有关负责人进行了交谈,共同探讨加强中新未来合作与交流。              



lee-hsien-yang_1-230x306On 15 April, invited by Singaporean Overseas Unit, LKYSPP Shanghai Alumni attended the Singapore Speakers Series Featuring Mr Lee Hsien Yang, Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Special Advisor of General Atlantic. Mr Lee told stories about his career development and life lessons, and exchanged ideas with audience about bilingual education, the advantage of Singaporean and Chinese young people, innovation and entrepreneurship, and future planning of Changyi airport. The audience were very much inspired by his speech. After the speech, the Alumni talked and took photos with Mr Lee. The Alumni also expressed gratitude to the event organizer Singaporean Overseas Unit and shared hopes for a better relationship between China and Singapore.

Fri 15 April 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM