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Lunch Dialogue with Mr Ng Chee Khern on "Smart Nation"

The Smart Nation initiative was conceived in 2014 to harness technology to transform the economy and how we live, work, play and interact — the goal being to keep Singapore at the forefront of the digital age as an outstanding global city, ensuring the future of jobs and opportunities for the nation. It will simplify routines and increase productiveness through more efficient and effective processes, as well as build stronger communities and facilitate more meaningful and fulfilled lives, to name but a few outcomes.

How have we progressed since its inception? What favours Singapore vis-à-vis other such competing initiatives, and what are the challenges we face? How can Singapore’s businesses and society work together to build a smart nation, and what are the opportunities in store?

Read the report — IPS Corporate Associates’ Lunch Dialogue with Mr Ng Chee Khern on “Smart Nation”

Tue 7 November 2017
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Dr Limin HEE

Dr Limin HEE

Director of Research at Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities

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