Alumni Event

LKYSPP Alumni Beijing Chapter Gathering


Prof Chen Kang and staff from LKY School hosted and attended three dinners with Beijing alumni on Nov 2, 3 and 5 respecitvely. The dinners were organised by the Secretariat of Beijing Alumni chapter. Among the invited guests are alumni in Beijing and representatives from Singapore Mission, including Deputy Head, Mr Ang Wee Keong.

Prof Chen Kang shared with the alumni the recent happenings in the school such as the 10th anniversary celebrations and new projects of NUSRI at Suzhou China. Beijing alumni in turn shared their movement after graduation and expressed their gratitude to the school and are proud of the rising reputation of the school in China.

The Beijing alumni are appreciative of the effort put on increasing the marketing in China and will also support by continuing their promotion of the school through social media. Both Beijing alumni chapter and Singapore Mission will also work together to support each other on events, activities and marketing efforts.

The school also hosted a dinner on Nov 6 to welcome Japanese alumni attending the APEC Beijing Summit. The school would also like to congratulate Mr Liu Huibo, MPM 2013, who won the WyWy Gold Medal of NUS. This dinner was organised by Mr Luo Yi, MPP 2014, who will also replace Ms Li Fan to serve as the treasurer of the Beijing Alumni Chapter. The school would like to express our thanks to Beijing alumni for their enthusiasm to support the school.

Nov-6-English-Programme-Grads-gathering-in-Beijing  Nov-3-2014_-Gathering-with-MPAM2013 

Red Wall Café
Grand Hotel Beijing
Level 2
35 E Chang'an Ave
Dongcheng, Beijing
Sun 2 November 2014
05:30 PM - 08:30 PM