Alumni Event

LKY School Japan Alumni Chapter Reunion


The LKY School Japan Alumni Chapter held a year-end gathering in Tokyo. December has the other name in Japanese called “Shiwasu (師走),” which literally means mentors run. The word gives an impression that this is the season everyone rushes. Despite the busy season, the reunion brought alumni members including new face and a current MPP student who came back home for undertaking his internship with the UN organization. We feel that alumni network has been steadily growing and producing a positive feedback across generations, and between the school and the alumni chapter. We hope that we can continue further nurturing and expanding our network in 2016.

List of participants

  1. Mr. Takayuki Hayakawa (MPA 2009)
  2. Mr. Shumpei Watanabe (MPP2012)
  3. Mr. Yukihiro Shibuya (MPA2012)
  4. Mr. Hiroto Yasuhara (MPA2012)
  5. Mr. Yuki Ono (MPP2015)
  6. Ms. Jianxiong Wu (MPP 2008)
  7. Mr. Kensuke Yanagida (MPP2012)
Mikasa Kaikan, Tokyo
Tue 15 December 2015
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM