IPS Workshop on Singapore's Human Capital Challenges and the Future Economy

The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) will be organising a workshop on Singapore’s Human Capital Challenges and the Future Economy in the afternoon of Monday, 20 November 2017.

This workshop will be led by invited speakers and stakeholders from the public and private sectors. It is intended to foster the exchange of views on the human capital concerns in Singapore’s push towards a future economy.

The workshop will begin with a series of presentations from researchers and private sector representatives on the future economy, finishing with an open-floor discussion. The following session will be a panel-style discussion with stakeholders from trade associations, as well as a representative from the public sector. We believe that all involved will benefit greatly from your participation in the discussion following each session.

The proceedings of the workshop will go towards shaping the topic at IPS flagship Singapore Perspectives 2018 conference in January 2018.

We welcome any other questions or suggestions that you may have relating to the topic, particularly issues to focus on in the discussion sessions.


Ballroom 2 (Level 3), Orchard Hotel Singapore

Mon 20 November 2017
02:00 PM - 05:45 PM

For enquiries, please contact Ms Vani Gunasilan at tel: 6516-8377, or email: decb64_aXBzLmV2ZW50MTNAbnVzLmVkdS5zZw==_decb64