IPS-Nathan Lecture

IPS-Nathan Lectures by Dr Cheong Koon Hean: Lecture II (“Anticipating Our Urban Future -Trends, Threats and Transformation”)

The Context
Rapid urbanisation has brought with it a whole set of urban challenges for cities as they face unmet demand for housing, social services and utilities and infrastructure. In addition, cities have to contend with growing complexity and disruptions from changes in population demographics, climate change, the economy, new technology and people’s aspirations and expectations. For Singapore, such challenges are further exacerbated by our land and resource constraints.

The Theme
The 5th IPS-Nathan lecture series is themed, Seeking A Better Urban Future. Dr Cheong examines how cities deal with their urban challenges to create a better urban life for their citizens. In particular, she will discuss the considerations needed to plan and develop Singapore in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.

Lecture II:  Anticipating Our Urban Future - Trends, Threats and Transformation
This lecture identifies the major trends that will pose significant risks, challenges and disruptions to cities, affecting the way we develop and manage cities. What will these trends mean for Singapore and how will it affect the way we live and work? Given our unique circumstances as a city-state, what potential urban responses should we adopt that can better prepare us for the future?



Media Coverage

Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, 
The National University of Singapore, 
11 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119244

Tue 10 April 2018
06:15 PM - 07:45 PM

Dr Cheong Koon Hean

Dr Cheong Koon Hean

5th S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore

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