Alumni Event


10月19日下午,秋高气爽,新加坡国立大学李光耀公共政策学院上海校友会组织校友, 来到了位于浦东上川路的上海金融学院,举行击剑健身活动。作为上海金融学院久负盛名的特色项目,击剑运动激起了校友们的浓厚兴趣,许多校友是第一次练习击剑,他们纷纷披盔戴甲,在教练的指导下,一试身手,一展英姿。一个下午的时间过得很快,但新奇的体验让校友们兴奋不已,久久回味。运动结束后,大家欢聚一堂,热烈地交流各自的工作和生活近况。二十余名校友及家属参加了本次活动


Fencing Event Organized by Shanghai Alumni Chapter

LKYSPP Shanghai Alumni Chapter organized a fencing event at the Shanghai Finance University on 19 October 2013. This event aroused the alumni’s interest as many of them have never experienced or tried fencing before. Donning the helmet and armour, the alumni, under the guidance of the coach, tried their hand at fencing. An afternoon passed quickly, but the novel experience is truly unforgettable. After the fencing activities, the alumni got together and updated each other on their working and personal life. More than 20 alumni and their families attended this event.

 ——NUS LKYSPP Shanghai Alumni Chapter

上海金融学院 (Shanghai Finance University)
Sat 19 October 2013
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM