Alumni Event

Establishment of LKY School U.S. Alumni Chapter

We are pleased to announce the formation of the inaugural LKY School U.S. Alumni Chapter! 


Let’s take a look at the newly appointed Chapter Committee and see what they have to say:

  1. John-Paul Harrison Parmigiani (MPP 2011, President):
    “I am so excited we are starting an LKY alumni chapter that will bring together the whole U.S.! An enthusiastic and growing group of us has been meeting up in New York over the past 5 years, and those interactions have been a source of great camaraderie, support, and just plain fun. Many alumni have pinwheeled through New York from other parts of the country and abroad, and it has always has been meaningful when we have been able to bring people together to keep alive the beautiful and welcoming culture that we experienced at LKY! Looking forward to this chapter moving forward!”
  2. Dana Bevin Walker (MPP 2012, Vice-President):
    “As Vice President, I would like to assist the President in connecting alumni across the U.S. through e-communications and alumni events in various U.S. cities. I would also like to help connect past, current, and potential future LKY students to alumni living in the U.S. and Americans abroad by serving as a primary point of contact and making introductions. Basically, I am excited to do what I can to build and maintain an LKY community in the United States and will be happy to do what I can for our alumni! Looking forward to getting started!”
  3. Ammar Anees Malik (MPP 2010, Secretary):
    Being based in DC, where I know a lot of our colleagues end up post-graduation, I’ll be happy to take the lead in organizing fairly regular happy hour or dinner meetings. We’ll also ensure that all incoming school alumni are made to feel welcome, and have instant access to our network which I know is getting stronger by the year. In the past, we’ve informally organized meetings of school alumni and have hosted visiting colleagues from Singapore and elsewhere, but this platform will allow us to do this in a more systematic and consistent manner.I look forward to meeting you all soon!
  4. Azul Gomez Ogazon (MPP 2010, Treasurer):
    “I hope that this can be the base not only for linking up the alumni in the US, which is already a challenge given the fact that we are all over the country (east, central, west), but for working as a North America region and bringing together our classmates from Canada and Mexico as well. Looking forward to work together with all of you!”

Their contact details can be found here.

We wish them all the best in leading the alumni in U.S. to greater heights, and to fulfil the mission of the LKY School.

Wed 17 August 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM