Alumni Event

Establishment of LKY School Sri Lanka Alumni Chapter


Top pictures left to right: Duminda Ariyasinghe (President), V. Sokkanathan (Vice President) Bottom pictures left to right: Biyanka Gamage (Treasurer), Charuni Ranaweera (Secretary)

We are delighted to announce the establishment of LKY School Sri Lanka Alumni Chapter!

The inaugural Chapter Committee would be run the following alumni: 

President: Duminda Ariyasinghe (MPM 2012) 
Vice President: V. Sokkanthan (MPA 2015)
Secretary: Charuni Ranaweera (MPA 2011)
Treasurer: Biyanka Gamage (MPM 2011)

 Their contact details can be found  here 

 Here’s a message from the Chapter Committee:

 It brings us immense pleasure to be part of the inaugural team of the LKYSPP Alumni Chapter in Sri Lanka. We are thankful for many of the alumni friends for their enduring support for laying the foundation for this memorable occasion to make the Sri Lankan Chapter a reality.

Over the years alumni have been gathering and meeting each other occasionally and the opportunity to get to know all alumni had been a difficult subject, LKY alumni Chapter will now be the central point facilitating and connecting the alumni of LKY school in Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lankan Chapter would unite and represent alumni who are from different fields of work, different parts of the island, different ethnicities or nationalities moreover, rich in its diversity, is keen on further enriching the LKY experience in the island in an array of activities lined up by us to carry on the values, the culture and the learning of the LKY school in Sri Lanka.

We are excited and reassured that Chapter would not only be a link to connect the past, present or future alumni but also provide a platform for discussion and debate on policy matters at this very important juncture for Sri Lanka.

Chapter Committee’s objectives:

  1. Build awareness of LKYSPP in Sri Lanka
  2. Be the focal point for alumni of the school in Sri Lanka
  3. Act as the bridge between Sri Lanka and Singapore in disseminating the best practices in public Policy to the Sri Lankan audience

Key executions:

  1. Organise regular fellowship/social events
  2. Work towards recruiting best students for the school from Sri Lanka
  3. Look into organising public lectures by visiting Singapore public policy figures.

 We wish them all the best in leading the alumni in Sri Lanka to greater heights, and to fulfil the mission of the LKY School.

Mon 5 December 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM