Alumni Event

Establishment of LKY School Pakistan Alumni Chapter


Top pictures left to right: Muhammad Ahsan Younas (President), Saqib Manan (Vice President) Bottom pictures left to right: Athar Mansoor (Secretary), Khawaja Khairuddin (Treasurer)

We are pleased to announce that the LKY School Pakistan Alumni Chapter has finally been formed! An election was called in June 2016 to elect the inaugural members of the Pakistan Alumni Chapter Committee.

The Committee members are: 

President: Muhammad Ahsan Younas (MPM 2014)
Vice President: Saqib Manan (MPA 2013)
Secretary: Athar Mansoor (MPA 2010)
Treasurer: Khawaja Khairuddin (MPA 2014) 

Their contact details can be found  here

We thank the Pakistan alumni for their active participation in the election process and we wish the Chapter Committee all the best in leading and connecting with the LKY School alumni in Pakistan!

Thu 30 June 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM