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Establishment of LKY School Central Asia and the Caucasus Regional Chapter

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Top pictures left to right: Yernar Zharkeshov (President), Sitora Shokamolova (Vice President) Bottom pictures left to right: Dinara Datbayeva (Secretary), Khadija Nasirova (Treasurer)

We are delighted to announce the establishment of LKY School Central Asia and the Caucasus Regional Alumni Chapter!

Let’s take a look at the newly appointed Chapter Committee and see what they have to say:

Yernar Zharkeshov (MPP 2011, President)

“I am thrilled with this opportunity to consolidate the minds and energy of each alumnus of LKY SPP from Central Asia and Caucasus into a regional Alumni Chapter. I’ve always enjoyed meaningful interactions, exchange of ideas, mutual support and fun we have during our informal meetings over the last 5 years with alumni from Kazakhstan and other countries of the region. It is natural that we now establish the chapter that will be a source for mentoring, real support on professional development, socializing and generating new ideas. We are particularly fortunate that LKYSPP is deeply engaged with the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy in Astana, which gives us enormous opportunity to further benefit from the School’s expertise but also to regularly contribute to our societies and communities by tapping on this synergy and our own expertise. Leading the team of the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana, an international initiative of now 36 countries that also include the countries of our region, I will seek to capitalize on its expert network and potential to boost the Chapter’s impact and outreach in the region by various activities and events across the region, and further the mission of LKYSPP”

Sitora Shokamolova (MPP 2010, Vice-President)

“As the Vice-President of Central Asia and the Caucasus Chapter Committee my primary focus will be on supporting the President in building partnerships. These partnerships will a) bring together the alumnus in the region and the institutions they represent; b) foster closer connections between the LKY SPP and leading academic institutions in the region; c) introduce LKYSPP to the potential new students from the region.

LKYSPP was a life-changing point for me, expanding my personal and professional horizons, providing a new vision and energy. Through my engagement in the Chapter Committee I aspire to bring these energies together to continue the change, we, alumni, are making in our communities and regions. I look forward to this exciting opportunity to contribute to this process in the coming year.”

Dinara Datbayeva  (MPP 2016, Secretary)

“As a Secretary of Central Asia and Caucasus Alumni Chapter of LKYSPP, I will provide an excellent administrative support of all initiatives that will benefit all alumni of the region. As part of our committee, I will make sure that present and future members of LKYSPP family will feel welcomed and engaged. I am happy to be part of a great initiative that will spread the message of strong governance in our region.”

 Khadija Nasirova (MPP 2016, Treasurer)

“I am so excited to start a new chapter for LKYSPP alumni of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Looking forward to an engaging and lively year. We come from different background and with diverse experience just as it was in LKYSPP. From our times at LKYSPP we know the power of a network of people working to achieve greater goals. At the end of the day, it is about believing in ourselves and positive changes. Let us make the chapter a great platform to serve and to have great time with memories of LKYSPP life.”

Their contact details can be found  here 

We wish them all the best in leading the alumni in Central Asia and the Caucasus to greater heights, and to fulfil the mission of the LKY School.

Mon 12 December 2016
08:00 AM - 11:00 PM