Alumni Event

Establishment of LKY School Bangladesh Alumni Chapter


Clockwise from top left to bottom left: Md Waheed Alam, Hasina Begum, Md Eidtazul Islam, Md Alamgir.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the inaugural LKY School Bangladesh Alumni Chapter!  

Let’s take a look at the newly appointed Chapter Committee and see what they have to say: 

  1. Md. Alamgir (MPP 2002, President):
    First and foremost, i would like to bring all the alumni under one platform and arrange a get together to get ourselves acquainted. I would like to publicize the formation of the chapter in the print and electronic media. Then I would like to engage the alumni in different social and intellectual activities so that policy makers, top bureaucrats, and common people can understand what NUS alumni can do for the society. I would try to promote the relationship between Bangladesh and Singapore through many activities by inviting Singapore High Commission in Dhaka to various events. I would also encourage students from Bangladesh to pursue higher studies in Singapore. These are my primary ideas. I hope with the passage of time more ideas would come and I can accommodate those accordingly.
    2.    Hasina Begum (MPA 2007, Vice-President):
    My aspiration for Bangladesh Chapter is to strengthen the alumni community by bringing everyone together, to learn and share from each other’s professional experiences and to contribute positively to School’s activities.
    3.    Md. Eidtazul Islam (MPP 2005, Secretary):
    I endeavour to help the Chapter members excel in our professional knowledge and expertise through occasional gatherings. I wish to connect everybody through events, do some social work and provide services that will help our alumni maintain connections to our alma mater and graduates. I would also give full support to new and prospective alumni. I am sure that this new Chapter will usher a new way towards bonding, cooperation and exchanging ideas even after our departure from LKY School. 
    4.    Md. Waheed Alam (MPA 2013, Treasurer):
    Being the Treasurer of the Committee, I will make every efforts to make Bangladesh Alumni Chapter a successful one. I will devise mechanisms to raise fund and make the Chapter financially strong, so that it can launch fruitful events as per the requirements of the Chapter and the School. I will maintain proper accounts of all incomes and expenditures and present them before the Committee. I will also maintain integrity in handling all financial transactions as per the rule of the Chapter. I will also comply with all financial standards set by the Chapter and the School. 

Their contact details can be found  here

We wish them all the best in leading the alumni in Bangladesh to greater heights, and to fulfil the mission of the LKY School.

Tue 23 August 2016
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM