Alumni Event

Dinner with Guangdong & Hubei Alumni

Faculty and staff of LKY School has a wonderful time getting together with alumni and incoming students in Guangdong (8 June, 2014) and Hubei (11 June, 2014) on their recent trip to China. It was extremely heartening to note that some alumni travelled to the cities especially for the event to catch up with School representatives and fellow alumni.  

A lively discussion enlivened the evening with alumni sharing their career movements and sharing insightful views and comparisons on policies, economics and governance between Singapore and their own provinces. They expressed a desire to play an active role in furthering the connections between the LKY School and China, especially in the fields of education and training.

Dr Li Hui, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow and Wang Tong, External Affairs conveyed their gratitude to alumni for their support in conducting information sessions at leading universities in China, providing the link to key government offices and for boosting the outreach efforts of the School in their regions.

We have a growing number of alumni in South China and we look forward to further alumni networks developing there in the future.



Hubei alumni gathering


Guangdong alumni gathering

Sat 7 June 2014
08:00 AM - 12:00 PM