Day 2: 3rd International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) 2017

The International Public Policy Association and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy are co-organizing the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) from Wednesday 28th June to Friday 30th June 2017. This conference is the world biggest event on Public Policy with more than 1300 researchers, PhD students, and practitioners from more than 80 countries.

Schedule for Day 2:

08:15 – 10:15 : MultiSessions 3
10:15 – 10:30 : Tea Break (Tea Break)

10:30 – 12:30 : MultiSessions 4
12:00 – 14:00 : Lunch (Tentage)

13:30 – 15:30 : MultiSessions 5
15:30 – 15:45 : Tea Break (Tea Break)

15:45 – 17:45 : Plenary Session 2: Keynote Speech by Prof Christopher Hood (Tentage)

Synopsis of Plenary Session 2

Based on experience from two research projects, this presentation will reflect on how we analyse ‘austerity’ policies and how if at all we can answer questions about the consequences of such policies. It will argue that some of the most important questions can only be answered by going beyond disciplinary ‘comfort zones,’ in the same sort of way that painting and photography combined in the nineteenth century to produce new perspectives and new forms of art.

Upper Quad Tentage,
Oei Tiong Ham Building,
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy,
469C Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 259772
Thu 29 June 2017
08:15 AM - 05:45 PM

Prof. Christopher Hood

Prof. Christopher Hood

Emeritus Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and Visiting Professor at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government

More about speaker

Prof. Kishore Mahbubani

Prof. Kishore Mahbubani

Dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

You may purchase a ticket to attend the conference on a daily basis (Registration Fee for one day is 225€). The Fee includes 2 tea breaks and lunch. To register for the conference, kindly click on the link below.

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