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Leaders in government, business and non-profit institution are often expected to make quick decisions under conditions of uncertainty – often with incomplete information. While relying on their heuristics and their organisations’ routines may work well in stable contexts, in less predictable settings these mental shortcuts often lead to misdiagnoses and poor decisions.

At Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Executive Education, we empower leaders with the skills to thrive in a complex, fast changing world. Our programmes encourage critical reflection, impact valuable knowledge about the governance and policy making, and create opportunities for learning across departmental boundaries and intellectual disciplines. Our diverse and international faculty helps to equip individuals and organisations with multiple perspectives to make sense of the complexity they face. By integrating theory and practice, we help them achieve a deeper understanding of how they can be more effective managers, leaders and changemakers.

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LKY School Executive Education caters to the needs of time-constrained working professionals who wish to strengthen their managerial and technical knowledge and skills. We are committed to supporting your lifelong learning journey through a broad array of open-enrolment programmes at different stages of your career. Our flagship leadership programme, Senior Management Programme, continues to serve as a hallmark of LKY School Executive Education programmes.

Insights for Leaders and Professionals: Focus on deep thinking analysis in areas of leadership and management, and provide regional insights into Asian economies and culture.

Core Competencies: Hone specific skill sets and competencies such as communications, case writing, futures thinking, and behavioural insights.

Joint Partnerships: Enhance your learning experience with faculty members from both the LKY School and local or overseas institutions and organisations.

Most of our executive programmes are custom-designed in partnership with local or overseas organisations to meet their needs, with the aim of delivering creative solutions to real policy and management challenges. Our reputation for excellence rests on our strengths in public policy studies across a range of broad themes.