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At the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, opportunities to learn are not confined to the classroom. Students learn not only from the faculty, visiting scholars and practitioners, but equally through interaction and exchange with their fellow classmates.

With almost 400 students from over 50 countries and skilled in various policy disciplines of government, civil society, media, law, and medicine, the School offers classroom experiences that are unmatched in their diversity and dynamism.

Twenty percent of our students come from Singapore; the rest from all over the world, including India, China, South East Asia, South Asia, Europe and the United States. 

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive globalised landscape, organisations seek professionals who can bring a truly international perspective to their roles, a perspective that is derived not just from formal education but from experiencing multicultural perspectives on issues. Exposure to the collective knowledge and experience of peers from around the world plays a key role in fostering this perspective.

The multifariousness ensures that no nationality, style and dogma dominates, allowing for a truly global learning environment. This is why a cosmopolitan student body is vital to a successful public policy school. Although diverse, the student body is a close-knit community, drawing strength from its heterogeneity and united by a common passion for public service. 

In the first week of every semester, students of the different programmes elect Class Committees that function as a bridge between the School administration, faculty and students. These committees liaise with the school administration to help solve problems experienced by students and to improve the learning environment. They also organise a myriad of activities which cultivate students’ special talents and create a rich cultural tapestry. 

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