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Previous winning entries of the Case Writing Competition

YearPrizeCase Study TitleFaculty Advisor
2018 Distinguished Prize

Gamifying trust: Can you win at life? China’s Social Credit System and the rating revolution

Author/s: Eleni Ayala Ojeda

Behavioural biases and identity in Social Media: The Case of Philippine Populism, President Duterte’s Rise, and Ways Forward

Author/s: Kathleen Rose Gatchalian Kho

Public Rental Housing in Singapore – A Last Resort?

Author/s: Lim Jun Jie Gabriel, Muhammad Ruzaini Naim Bin Azman & Tham Kah Jun, Gregory

Protecting Human Rights Amidst the Philippine War on Drugs

Author/s: Kathleen Rose Gatchalian Kho & Hanna Keila Halog Garcia

Dr Natalie Pang

Assistant Prof Reuben Ng

Assistant Prof Ng Kok Hoe

Assistant Prof Francesco Mancini

Merit Prize

The Overlooked Price of Keeping India Clean

Author/s: Nirnaya Bhatta & Dhanya Gopal

Redesigning Retirement Investing: Fixing the Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme in Singapore

Author/s: Leong Yoke Leng

Assistant Prof Namrata Chindarkar

Assistant Prof Joelle H Fong

2017 Distinguished Prize

“Cool Japan” as the Next Future of Post-industrial Japan?

Author/s: Rui Tao

Rock, paper or scissors: The trilemma of fertiliser policy in India

Author/s: Sivaprakasham Murugesan Saminathan & Stuti Rawat

Big Data, Big Problems: How should Singapore Approach the Privacy Challenge of Big Data Research?

Author/s: Harisan Unais Nasir & Kershia Tan Wei

Assistant Professor Joo Yu Min

Assistant Professor Mehmet Akif Demircioglu and Associate Professor Zeger Van Der Wal

Research Associate Markus Labude

Merit Prize

Freedom of Mobility: The Paradoxes

Author/s: Janani Balasubramaniam & Nirnaya Bhatta

The case of slum redevelopment in Mumbai

Author/s: Kinnari Gurnani

A Hangzhou Story: The Development of China’s Mobile Payment Revolution

Author/s: Yichen Zhu & Hui Li

Assistant Dean (Academic Affairs) & Assistant Professor Akter Sonia

Assistant Professor Joo Yu Min

Professor (Practice) Lam Chuan Leong

2013 First Prize

Social Egg Freezing: Should It Be Permitted in Singapore?

Author/s: Michelle Khoo

Assistant Professor Kim Hye-Won Erin

Commendation Awards

The Proposed Cross Island Line in Singapore: Nature or Development?

Author/s: Krishnan Chandramohan

Non-Ideal Toilets in India: The Solution to Sanitation Woes Or The Source of New Problems?

Author/s: Aprajita Singh, Ekroop Caur and Kashyap Shah

Our Singapore Conversation: Bridging the ‘Great Affective Divide’?

Author/s: Yvonne Guo and Charles Phua Chao Rong

Visiting Professor Dodo J Thampapillai 

Professor M Ramesh

Advisor to LKY SPP Executive Education Donald Low

2012 First Prize

“Extending Healthcare to the Informal Sector in Laos”

Author/s: Beñat Oñatibia Camara and Zhang Yingxin Louisa

Adjunct Associate Professor Phua Kai Hong and Visiting Professor Pangestu Tikki


“The Buck Stops Where? A Trilemma on HealthCare for Singapore’s Foreign Workers”

Author/s: Moses Sam Paul Johnraj and Nicole Bacolod

Adjunct Associate Professor Phua Kai Hong

2011 First Prize

“The Dirty Business of Sand – Sand Dredging in Cambodia”

Author/s: Fazlin Abdullah and Goh Ann Tat

Associate Professor Surya Sethi


“Drug Price Policy in Vietnam: Letting the market set prices is not as easy as it seems”

Author/s: Sarah Bales

Associate Professor Scott Fritzen