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March 2018

ACI Business Case Study Series: Unlocking Hidden Potential: Strategic Transformation and Value Creation at Mandarin Orchard Singapore and Mandarin Gallery

  • TAN Khee Giap, Harminder RAJAN, Gareth TAN Guang Ming & Evan TAN Beng Kai

December 2017

Singapore Chronicles - Finance

  • Ignatius Low

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press

Singapore is one of the premier 铿乶ancial centres in the world. It is one of the biggest markets for the trading of foreign exchange and 铿乶ancial derivatives, and home to hundreds of global 铿乶ancial institutions, from banks and insurers to oil traders and hedge fund managers. This book traces the development of Singapore鈥檚 铿乶ancial sector from its early supporting role in a thriving British colonial trading outpost to its rapid expansion after the nation鈥檚 Independence in 1965.聽 It is the story of how policymakers here managed to maintain a reputation for regulation and supervision of a high standard, and yet take risks to innovate boldly and seize global opportunities when they arose.

December 2017

Singapore Chronicles - Policing

  • Asad Latif

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press

Singapore is simultaneously praised for its extraordinary safety and criticised for its draconian laws. This primer seeks to explain Singapore鈥檚 achievements in creating a law-abiding society by making public peace and well-being as well as security of life, limb and property a centrepiece of the good life. To that end, tough laws exist against crimes such as murder, narcotics, corruption, commercial crime and cybercrime. This book also examines the role played by the prison system, internal security laws and border security in the state鈥檚 overall approach to preserving a peaceful and secure nation.

September 2017

[Forthcoming]A Case Study on Malaysia and Singapore: Nexus amongst Competitiveness, Cost of Living, Wages, Purchasing Power, and Liveability

  • TAN Khee Giap, CHUAH Hui Yin & LUU NGUYEN Trieu Duong

Publisher: Competitiveness Review [Switzerland]

  • Celia Lee
    Liang Ma
    Yishu Zhou

Publisher: Asian Journal of Political Science, 25(3):287-306

July 2017

London can learn from Singapore’s approach to high-rise living

  • Crabtree, James

Publisher: Financial Times

  • Tommy Kevin Lee, Cecilia Tortajada

Publisher: Policy Forum

January 2015


  • TAN Khee Giap, George QUEK & LIU Dantong

Publisher: 《新加坡华人通史》to be published by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association in November 2015

January 2015

Singapore's Economic Development, 1965-2020: Review, Reflection and Perspective

  • TAN Khee Giap, Evan TAN Beng Kai & Vincent KWAN Wen Seng

Publisher: Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy, 5(3):12pp

Publisher: Singapore: World Scientific for IPS

May 2017

The Twenty- Third Singapore Economic Roundtable

  • Bhaskaran, Manu, Faizal bin Yahya and Lau, Wilfred

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies

November 2017

Analysis of Productivity and Efficiency of SMEs in Singapore: Empirical Results from ACI’s PTEM Index

  • Nursyahida AHMAD, LIM Tao Oei & ZHOU Shida

Publisher: IPS Working Papers No. 28