Our faculty


  1. ASHER, MukulProfessorial Fellow

Visiting Faculty and Fellows

Visiting Distinguished Fellows

  1. HASSAN, Mohamed Waheed
  2. TIWARI, Siddharth

Visiting Faculty

  1. BISWAS, AsitVisiting Professor 
  2. CHEN, Kang 陈抗Visiting Professor
  3. GRAYCAR, AdamVisiting Professor
  4. PANGESTU, TikkiVisiting Professor
  5. THAMPAPILLAI, Dodo JVisiting Professor
  6. THOMAS, VinodVisiting Professor
  7. MANCINI, FrancescoVisiting Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Career Services and Student Life)
  8. TAN, Khee Giap 陈企业Visiting Associate Professor and Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute
  9. FRANCIS-TAN, Andrew MichaelVisiting Associate Professor
  10. SALLY, RazeenVisiting Associate Professor
  11. CHEONG Koon HeanVisiting Scholar and S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore

Visiting Fellow

  1. GLINOS, KonstantinosVisiting EU Fellow

Joint Appointments

  1. CHEUNG, PaulProfessor (Practice), NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  2. CHOW, WinstonAssistant Professor, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  3. HSIEH, Tsun YanProfessor (Practice), NUS Business School
  4. HO, Peng KeeAssociate Professorial Fellow, NUS Faculty of Law
  5. LIEW, Mun LeongProvost Chair and Professor (Practice), NUS Business School and Faculty of Engineering
  6. LIM, Hwee HuaVisiting Distinguished Fellow, NUS Business School
  7. MUKHERJEE, RohanAssistant Professor, Yale-NUS College
  8. SIM, JackAdjunct Associate Professor, NUS Business School
  9. SMITH, Nicholas RussellAssistant Professor, Yale-NUS College
  10. TAN, Ern SerAssociate Professor, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  11. WONG, Poh KamProfessor, NUS Business School and Director, NUS Entrepreneurship Centre
  12. XIA, XingAssistant Professor, Yale-NUS College