Class Notes 

Master in Public Policy

MPP 2006
Maria Margarita Lavides

Maria won the Best Paper Award during the First International Conference for Multidisciplinary Filipino Studies held on 27-28 October 2017 at the University of Hawaii. Her winning paper, entitled “The Exercise of Rights of Biracial Children in Angeles City, Philippines”, bested papers from U.S. and foreign universities. Maria is working on her PhD in Public Policy as a New Zealand ASEAN Scholar at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

MPP 2013
Julian Kirchherr

In October 2017, Julian and team published a white paper on how to break the barriers to the circular economy in the European Union. For this research, a survey with 153 businesses, 55 government officials, and expert interviews with 47 thought leaders on the circular economy from businesses, governments, academia, and NGOs have been carried out. Read the report here.

MPP 2016
Devashish Dhar

In November 2017, Devashish wrote an article on The Wire explaining why the economic reality of India's bullet train is not far from its political rhetoric. Read the article here.

Master in Public Administration

MPA 2010
Yugal Joshi

Yugal published a book entitled “Women Warriors in Indian History”. The book explores the lives of ten Indian women warriors as narrated by other historical characters. Put together chronologically, from the slave dynasty to the first war of Indian independence, these stories showcase the changing canvas of Indian history. More importantly, the narratives bring forward the exceptional qualities of these women warriors, while fighting against gender, social, religious and political odds and oppositions.

MPA 2017
Khulangoo Purevjav

After spending a year away from her two daughters, upon her return from her studies Khulan (MPA /2017) has been promoted to take charge of Advocacy and Policy. In her new capacity at the Business Council of Mongolia, she is adamant to make the private sector to be a pro-active shaper of public policies in Mongolia. She considers herself to be super blessed to have made friends in the program, who have gladly shared their expertise when she was in dire need when she embarked on her new job. While juggling policy director and policy mom’s job, she likes to rhyme the MPA 2017 motto ”#PeopleFirst”.