Singapore’s role in climate change action

19 Dec 2018


Record-breaking storms and heatwaves have hit developed and developing economies alike this year. Because Singapore is in a region highly exposed to the more extreme weather driven by climate change, it has a vested interest in seeing a slowdown in global warming. But for now, for Singapore and others with small carbon footprints, the priority will be to adapt to a changing climate.

Unlike the larger emitters, Singapore and other smaller countries are not able to affect significantly the carbon emissions that are causing global warming.

But in world forums, for example, the ongoing United Nations conference on climate change in Katowice, Poland, the experience and voice of small nations can help influence global directions to slow their climate change. More pertinently, their own acitons dealing with climate change provide two-way lessons on dealing with this crisis for all.

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Vinod Thomas

Visiting Professor