Kanti Bajpai and James Crabtree discusses 'The (Potential) Rise of India' at 1880

14 Aug 2018

RiseOfIndia1880 L-R: Marc Nicholson (Founder, 1880 Singapore), Radhika Rao (Vice-President, DBS Bank), James Crabtree (Associate Professor in Practice, LKYSPP), and Kanti Bajpai (Director, CAG, LKYSPP)

Professor Kanti Bajpai, and Associate Professor in Practice James Crabtree of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, along with Radhika Rao, Vice-President of DBS Bank, were part of a panel discussing "The (Potential) Rise of India" at Club 1880 on Monday, August 13, 2018 .

The panel discussed how India's stellar economic growth over the last decade led to the rise of the 'Bollygarchs' in the country - 119 billionaires with a collective networth of $440 billion. They also discussed what this meant for India domestically and the future prospects for it to one day surpass the US and China economies.