Bhutan Alumni Chapter

27 Feb 2015

Bhutan Alumni Chapter 1The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Alumni Chapter in Bhutan was set up on November 25, 2014. Bhutan has an LKYSPP alumni community consisting of 21 members. The current Chapter Committee comprises

President: Ms. Kunzang Lhamu (MPP 2002)

Vice President: Mr. Sangay Tenzin (MPP 2008)

Treasurer: Mr. Choki Gyeltshen (MPP 2009)

Secretary: Ms. Tandin Wangmo (MPP 2009)

A brief profile of each Committee Member can be found below:

Bhutan Alumni Chapter 2Ms. Kunzang Lhamu, President

Ms. Kunzang Lhamu is the Chief Research Officer of the Research & Evaluation Division under the Gross National Happiness Commission.

Her work focuses mostly on the formulation of policies and research, the management of targeted poverty interventions and the integration of cross-sector issues such as gender and the environment.

Bhutan Alumni Chapter 3Mr. Sangay Tenzin, Vice President

Mr. Sangay Tenzin is the Head of Media & PR Unit at Druk Holding & Investment Ltd (DHI).

Prior to joining DHI, Mr Sangay Tenzin worked in the Policy and Planning Division (PPD) at the Ministry of Finance.

Bhutan Alumni Chapter 4Mr. Choki Gyeltshen, Treasurer

Mr. Choki Gyeltshen is Joint Collector at the Department of Revenue & Customs under the Ministry of Finance. He has 14 years of working experience.

Bhutan Alumni Chapter 5Ms. Tandin Wangmo, Secretary, Bhutan Country Chapter Committee

Ms. Tandin Wangmo is Senior Programme Officer in the Development Cooperation Division under the Gross National Happiness Commission. The Commission is the central policymaking, planning, monitoring and coordination body which guides the country’s long-term sustainable socio-economic development and strategies.

Focus of the Bhutan Country Chapter Committee (November 2014 to November 2015)

The main focus for the Chapter is to bring LKY School alumni in Bhutan closer by providing a platform for them to connect, work together, exchange ideas and undertake various initiatives. The Committee acts as the bridge between the LKY School and its alumni living in Bhutan and other countries.

The Committee had its first meeting on January 23, 2015. The following are some of the tentative ideas and initiatives the Committee hopes to take up this year:

  1. Organise a reunion for LKY School alumni in Bhutan. This will allow them to establish a network and get to know each other. It will also give them a chance to discuss and agree on the activities to be planned by the Bhutan Country Chapter for 2015;
  2. Raise awareness about the academic courses and scholarships offered by LKYSPP; and
  3. Organise community service activities such as cleaning campaigns, blood donation drives, food donations to dog shelters and contributions of labour or money to civil society organisations working on poverty and domestic violence.

Reflections on the 2011 LKY School Alumni Dinner

LKY School alumni in Bhutan gathered at Taj Tashi, Thimphu, in August 2011 for a dinner with the school’s then Executive Vice-Dean Stavros Yiannouka and then Head of External Affairs Preeti Dawra, who were visiting the country. This was the first time the Bhutanese alumni had met. Some had even travelled from as far as the Dzongkhags (districts) for this gathering. Not only was the dinner a good opportunity for the alumni to get to know each other, it was where the first discussions on setting up an Alumni Chapter in Bhutan took place. It is indeed a matter of pride that we have at last formally established the Bhutan Alumni Country Chapter and we hope that the chapter will contribute to realising the vision of the LKY School to be a global university centered in Asia.


Kunzang Lhamu

President, Bhutan Alumni Chapter