Official Visit

Visit by Shin Kong Group 新光集團

List of guests from the Shin Kong Group 新光集團:

  • Mr. Eugene T.C. Wu (吳東進)
    Chairman (董事長)
  • Ms. Cynthia Wu (吴欣盈)
    Executive Director (執行董事)
  • Mr. Jason H.C. Tsai (蔡雄繼)
    President (總經理)
  • Mr. Julian L.C. Chiu (邱立權)
    Senior Executive Vice President (副總經理)
  • Mr. Gary Lee (李正偉)
    Chief Marketing Officer (首席營銷長)
Conference Room, Asia Competitiveness Institute
Wed 29 April 2015
09:00 AM - 12:30 PM