IPS-Nathan Lecture

2015/16 IPS-Nathan Lectures: Lecture IV (The Myth of Universality: The Geopolitics of Human Rights)

The series of 2015/16 IPS-Nathan Lectures is titled “Dealing with an Ambiguous World”.
The fourth lecture will expose some of the conceptual complexities and complications of the ideas of human rights and democracy and examine their evolving role in international relations. Simplistic views of the concepts and their imprudent application have added to post-Cold War uncertainties.



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Auditorium, Shaw Foundation Alumni House,
National University of Singapore (Kent Ridge Campus)

Tue 26 April 2016
06:00 PM - 07:45 PM

Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan

Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan

2015/16 S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore

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