Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme

Since 2011, the Institute of Water Policy has partnered with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on the Temasek Foundation Water Leadership Programme, an intensive two-week Executive Education programme designed for water utility operators, regulators and urban policymakers in Asia.

The programme provides participants with best practice examples of governance and effective management of water utilities and good governance in the water sector, and helps develop strategies to cope with emerging institutional, financial and regulatory challenges. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn about current best practices in water usage and provision and to strengthen leadership capacities for water management and governance in Asia.

The programme brings together leaders from the public and private sector and the research community to learn from water experts, academics, working professionals, and of course from one another. Over five runs, the programme has so far trained 173 participants, including senior engineers, general managers, water professionals and consultants, directors and deputy directors, chairmen, and heads of a variety of water and consumer organizations.

The programme is generously supported by the Temasek Foundation, and collaborates closely with Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB). PUB delivers several core modules for the course, and provides learning journeys and insights into best practices from Singapore’s own impressive water story and good governance.

Participants hail from across Asia, with scholarships available for selected countries in the region. The programme’s 8th run will take place in July 2018. Please visit the programme website for details.