IWP Case Writing Competition

6 Jun 2019

The Institute of Water Policy (the ‘Organiser’) invites submissions of a case study analysis for the IWP CASE WRITING COMPETITION.


  • The Institute of Water Policy (IWP) is a research institute at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, which is recognized as the world’s number one university for water research.
  • This competition seeks to encourage original thinking and analysis on water research in Asia, by building on and advancing the state of knowledge and research on water issues in the region.


  • Currently enrolled postgraduate students (Masters/PhD) from any university worldwide. Applicants may participate individually, or as a team of up to three members.
  • The Organiser reserves the sole and absolute discretion to exclude or disqualify any Participant/s and/or entry from the Competition.

Submission Requirements

  • The case study should concern a real-life, policy-relevant water issue in Asia, and be themed on one or more of the following IWP research pillars: Water governance, water science and public policy, water economics, and behavioral studies.
  • The case study should attribute at least one IWP research publication in its discussion/analysis. For more information, please visit the IWP website.
  • The case study must be written in English and be an original piece that has not been submitted elsewhere.
  • The case study should:
    1. not exceed 6,000 words (in A4 pages, single-spaced, excluding Exhibits/Annexes). It should be submitted in the Case Study Format and comply with the IWP-LKYSPP Case Writing Technical Guidelines
    2. be accompanied by a short Abstract (200 words Max—in addition to the 6,000 word limit).
    3. be appended with the standard cover page with applicant/s’ details duly completed.
    4. be appropriately cited and formatted using the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • All case study entries must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, via email, to the Organiser decb64_aXdwX2FkbWluQG51cy5lZHUuc2c=_decb64 by 30 September 2019 (late entries will not be accepted).


  • USD 2,500 for the top entry.

Competition Timeline



Launch of 2019 LKYSPP Case Writing Competition

6 June 2019

Deadline for submission of Case Study Report

30 Sep 2019

Announcement of Winning Entry

31 Dec 2019

Judging Criteria

The competition judges (to be announced) will evaluate the case studies on the following criteria with equal weightage.

Note: The judges’ decision shall be final, and no correspondence will be entertained regarding this decision.


Case selection

Does the case concern a policy-relevant, water related issue in Asia?

Is the case topic themed on any one of IWP’s main research pillars: Water governance, water science and public policy, water economics, behavioral studies?

Does the case have any transferrable relevance to contexts other than the specific case context?

Advancement to state of knowledge/research

Does the case offer original substantive contributions to an understanding of the topic or issue?

Does the case advance the state of knowledge or research on the topic?

Attribution to IWP publications

Does the case attribute IWP research publications in its analysis, in a manner that reflects accurate understanding and application?

Presentation of case (i.e. coherence, format, clarity, presentation of arguments, language)

Is the case narrative organized in a coherent manner?

Does the case report format comply with the competition’s guidelines?

Is the case study comprehensible, and likely to hold appeal to a lay audience?

Does the case study exhibit critical thinking in its discussion?

Is (credible) supporting data cited and discussed in a well-balanced manner throughout the narrative?

Intellectual Property

  • The Participant/s retain/s full copyright of the case study entered for the Competition.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print, edit and distribute any case study submitted for the Competition without obtaining further prior permission and payment of any fees or royalty to the Participant/s.
  • Where any case study of a Participant/s is published by the Organiser, the Participant/s will be credited.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print, edit and distribute the names of the winning participants and photographs of any event associated with the Competition.

Case Preparation and Resources

  • In preparing your case study submissions, you may explore any credible and reputable public source of information, such as books or articles, search libraries, use the Internet, and so forth.
  • For examples of LKY School’s past case studies, please visit the website: