What does success look like to you? Share with us how you define success and stand to win attractive prizes!

IPS Social Lab is organising an Instagram photo competition, in relation to the Youth Study on the Transitions and Evolving Pathways in Singapore (Youth STEPS) — the first national-level longitudinal research study on youths in Singapore. The study is a collaboration between the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Social Lab at the National University of Singapore.

To understand the aspirations of youths and what success means to a young Singaporean,            
IPS Social Lab welcomes all Singaporean youths aged 17 to 24 to submit photo entries that are relevant to the theme of Success for Youth. The photos shall express “What success look like to you, a Singaporean youth?” The images must be accompanied by a caption to enhance, explain or complement each photograph. Click here for more details. 

Photos Submission

Submission to the competition is via your own Instagram account ( Your account must be set to public. Images must contain the hashtag #SuccessYouthSG and a short caption of at least 10 words and not more than 40 words that describe the image in relation to the theme. For selected entries, the organiser, IPS Social Lab, will request for high-resolution images (at least 2,000 by 2,000 pixels).

Each participant may submit up to 3 images as long as every image is accompanied by the hashtag #SuccessYouthSG and a caption.

Closing date for submission is Friday, 31 August 2018, 2359hrs.

More details on the rules of the competition can be found here:


If you have any questions about the Instagram photography competition, please contact IPS Social Lab at tel: 6601 3223 or via email: .