Double Master Degree in Public Policy and European Affairs (MPP-MEA)

MPP-MEA-iconThe self-funded, full-time, two-year Double Master Degree in Public Policy and European Affairs (MPP-MEA) is offered by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS, and the Sciences Po, School of Public Affairs. The programme will be a rewarding experience for students of both universities. Students applying to this single-track double master degree programme will have the opportunity to learn public policy skills and broad-based knowledge taught in one of the most globalised public policy schools in Europe. In their second year, they will be exposed to public policy concepts and frameworks taught through a distinctly Asian context in Singapore.

In addition to providing special curricular features and educational outcomes, the proposed programme will offer a unique framework for the development of specific professional skills focused on European and Asian markets. Specifically, students in their first year at Sciences Po will be able to develop professional skills specific to the European labour market through dedicated activities and fairs organised by Sciences Po’s Career Services. In their second year, they will be able to assess the opportunities and services – including internships – available through Career Services at LKYSPP. They would thus graduate with specific professional skills and knowledge of the respective labour markets in Europe and Asia.

Class Profile

The MPP-MEA cohort comprises 10 to 25 students.


The MPP-MEA curriculum comprises core modules that are complemented by a wide range of specialisation modules and electives. Click here for more curriculum details.


Students of this programme would need to complete an internship during the summer break between the first year and the second year. Students are encouraged to pursue internships in the public, private or non-profit sector. We actively engage leading think-tanks, consulting firms, multilateral institutions and non-profit organisations to facilitate internships. Internship opportunities are posted regularly throughout the year on the schools’ websites.

Tuition Fees

Subsidy is available for International Students and Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Click here to learn about the cost of fees.

Admissions Criteria

Applicants have to fulfil the admission requirements for both universities in order to gain admission to this programme. Students are to apply through the Sciences Po Admissions System.

Click here for more details on admissions criteria and required documents.


Aside from the comprehensive information on our admissions page, if you have any other queries or would like to receive a copy of our programme brochure, please submit your request via our query form. Alternatively, you may also speak to our admissions officers at +65 6516 8004.