• oluwaseun-fakuadeStudents
    Oluwaseun Bamikole Fakuade
    Master in Public Administration (2016), Nigeria

    If Africa would prepare a pathway for a future that is vibrant for their citizens, it is important not only to have Western ideas and knowledge but also balance it with Asia – the next emerging economy of the World.

  • ikki-toyomaStudents
    Ikki Toyoma
    Master in Public Policy (2017), Japan

    Studying here gives me the perspectives of international trade in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Studying here is the best choice to gain knowledge and skills. That’s why I chose this university.

  • samuel-woodcockStudents
    Samuel Woodcock
    Master in Public Policy (2016), USA

    Asia’s growing, Asia is the place to be… There are very good schools in America, but schools that focused on Asia are limited. And so, this is the reason I came here.