Society and Social Policy

5 mins

Japan wrestles with immigration

07 Mar 2019
In 2017, immigrants made up 1.8% of the total population of Japan, according to the UN. Compare that to 15.3% in the US or 14.8% in Germany. But changing demographics have triggered immigration reform.
7 mins

The gender wage gap problem is more complex than you think

08 Feb 2019
The gender pay gap exists but it varies around the world, and can be wider in “mature markets.”
5 mins

The internet is increasing income inequality in India

28 Jan 2019
The internet has always been hailed as a democratic force, a leveler of sorts, by its virtue of providing equal access to learning and economic opportunity. But a closer look at countries that have been the fastest adopters of internet in the last two decades (India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc.) shows a different picture.
5 mins

China's worrying mandatory social credit system

14 Dec 2018
The world's first digital social credit system is troubling many experts who fear it is ripe for abuse. What are its possible effects on Chinese society?
5 mins

Elderly suicide: How to address the rising trend in Asia’s ageing population?

12 Dec 2018
Suicide among the elderly reached a record high in Singapore in 2017. Sadly, this trend is reflected in Asia and around the world. What can/should be done?
7 mins

Income inequality can be solved with multi-pronged social policies that are prudent and on time

27 Nov 2018
Over the years, there has been a massive global consensus on the disadvantages of rising inequality, its impact on the economy and society, and why policymakers should take it seriously.
5 mins

Meritocracy in Singapore: Solution or problem?

13 Nov 2018
Amidst increasingly heated debates on inequality, we look at an important tenet of governance in Singapore and whether it perpetuates existing class divides, to the detriment of lower income Singaporeans.
7 mins

The Future of Journalism Reflects the Uncontroversial Future of Capitalism

01 Nov 2018
Everywhere you look, journalism is in crisis.
5 mins

Reimaging the Immigrant Experience in Singapore

31 Oct 2018
The Singaporean film “A Land Imagined” is among a crop of indie films that turn the spotlight on Singapore’s immigrants and their relationships with its citizens.
5 mins

Clearing the air on tobacco investments

13 Oct 2018
Singapore Inc's tobacco stakes seem to contradict tough official stance.