Society and Social Policy

5 mins

Meritocracy in Singapore: Solution or problem?

13 Nov 2018
Amidst increasingly heated debates on inequality, we look at an important tenet of governance in Singapore and whether it perpetuates existing class divides, to the detriment of lower income Singaporeans.
7 mins

The Future of Journalism Reflects the Uncontroversial Future of Capitalism

01 Nov 2018
Everywhere you look, journalism is in crisis.
5 mins

Reimaging the Immigrant Experience in Singapore

31 Oct 2018
The Singaporean film “A Land Imagined” is among a crop of indie films that turn the spotlight on Singapore’s immigrants and their relationships with its citizens.
5 mins

Clearing the air on tobacco investments

13 Oct 2018
Singapore Inc's tobacco stakes seem to contradict tough official stance.
5 mins

Why move to reduce examinations and emphasis on grades is disconcerting, but necessary

02 Oct 2018
Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung dropped what seemed to be a bombshell last week: a suite of changes aimed at reducing the emphasis on examinations and grades in Primary and Secondary schools.
5 mins

Crazy Rich Asians, Slumdog Millionaire and How the Media Disempowers the Have-nots

17 Sep 2018
In a world divided into watertight socio-economic circles, a lack of agency among the poor seems to be the accepted norm.
3 mins

Is Singapore's elitism a consequence of global rivalry?

05 Sep 2018
Hollywood is celebrating Singapore’s economic lead with 'Crazy Rich Asians', a rom-com where transnational Singaporean elites are equally at home with Bible-study and Twitter as well as esoteric 'Asian customs'.
5 mins

Malaysia's unappetizing choice

09 May 2018
3 mins

Why is free education not working?

03 May 2018
5 mins

Demystifying the Difficulty of Addressing Diabetes and Fertility

27 Apr 2018