International Relations

7 mins

How important is America to global trade?

17 Sep 2018
Size matters in light of Trump's tariff wars and the likely damage may be less than feared. But the loss of US leadership will not be measurable by numbers alone.
5 mins

Is U.S-India Indo-Pacific strategic alignment taking shape?

07 Sep 2018
The United States and India finally concluded their twice delayed 2+2 ministerial dialogue in New Delhi, that marked the signing of historic Communications Compatibility and Security Cooperation Agreement (COMCASA) between two countries. ​
5 mins

Taiwan has Seized the Initiative in Cross-strait Relations with China. Here’s How.

04 Sep 2018
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s recent visit to the United States, en route to Paraguay and Belize and back, has significantly raised tensions across the Taiwan Strait.
5 mins

Are Trade Wars Spiralling into Currency Wars?

21 Aug 2018
Since the turn of 2018, a series of measures initiated by the Trump administration has triggered an ugly trade battle on several fronts. The United States (US) has not only locked horns with numerous countries across the world but also against the WTO and the multilateral trading system as a whole.
5 mins

Why does Trump have no cohesive strategy for the South China Sea?

01 Aug 2018
Like his predecessor, Barrack Obama, who initiated America’s pivot to Asia, Donald Trump has no strategy for dealing with the series of China’s expansionist moves in the South China Sea.
7 mins

Why is Nepal not respected as a sovereign state?

01 Aug 2018
International relations theories have overlooked the needs of smaller states, like Nepal. Looking at China and India’s relations with Nepal will help us better grasp complexities in today’s world.
5 mins

Trump cannot push back China with $113m

31 Jul 2018
Latest US Asia plan pales in comparison with Xi's huge strategic investment program
5 mins

How Can a U.S.-North Korea Breakthrough Be Achieved?

11 Jul 2018
What can the United States do to achieve a U.S.-North Korea breakthrough and make good on the objectives of the Trump-Kim agreement? The analysis suggests that three significant shifts in the execution of U.S. foreign policy are needed.
3 mins

Why the U.S.-China trade war is a huge mistake

28 Jun 2018
5 mins

Asian governments must escape the ‘state capacity’ trap

21 Jun 2018