International Relations

7 mins

Understanding the Asian future

14 Jan 2019
Does the West see beyond China when it thinks of Asia? How does Asia perceive Asia? Parag Khanna ponders these questions in his latest book.
7 mins

Is a Japan-South Korea Rapprochement Possible?

04 Jan 2019
As we start the new year in 2019, the geopolitical chessboard in Northeast Asia couldn’t have been more different from exactly a year ago.
5 mins

The debt-trap politics of China

21 Dec 2018
China is pumping trillions of dollars into 65 developing countries via their Belt and Road Initiative. How are developed nations reacting to this investment?
5 mins

Prestige as power: Will China win the race for global influence?

05 Dec 2018
If China and the US are destined to be rivals, how will it play out? What does a battle look like if the prize is prestige and not territory or domination? What constitutes a win?
5 mins

China Risks Misreading Trump on Trade

29 Nov 2018
Are analysts and government officials in China misreading Trump?
5 mins

Asia’s Trade War Task: Minimising the Damage

29 Nov 2018
How will Asia minimise damage from the ongoing trade war?
5 mins

Will India's S-400 deal sour Russia-China relations?

23 Nov 2018
Last October, Russia and India agreed on the sale of Russia's S-400 missile to India, its biggest arms buyer. Will this move sour Russia's interests in a strong partnership with China?
> 10 mins

China, the US & a looming Thucydides trap

21 Nov 2018
Singapore’s former Prime Minister and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong sat down with bluenotes managing editor Andrew Cornell at ANZ’s Finance and Treasury Forum in Singapore to discuss the omnipresent China-US confrontation.
7 mins

Is This the End of China's Reform and Opening Period?

19 Nov 2018
40 years ago, Chinese President Deng Xiaoping proposed an agenda to transition from a planned economy to a market-based one. But President Xi Jinping’s new era is so distinct that it could mark the end of China’s reform and opening period.
3 mins

5 Things To Know About ASEAN 2018

16 Nov 2018
5 things to know about the 33rd ASEAN Summit 2018 from 11 - 15 November 2018.