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Essentials of Policy Development (12th Run)

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Public sector managers and policymakers are under constant pressure to deliver high quality solutions to complex socio-political, economic and sectoral problems and issues. But what are the skills needed to identify policy problems, assess options, formulate solutions, test their effectiveness, and evaluate their impacts? What kinds of policy making approaches should be used in dealing with different but interrelated policy issues?

To answer these questions, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy offers the Essentials of Policy Development programme. Participants in this course will gain detailed foundational knowledge and frameworks to understand the policy development process, from conceptualising public policy to evaluating options and measuring the outcomes and impacts. The programme will also equip participants with analytical, decision making, evaluation, and communication tools to help them become more effective in their roles.

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy National University of Singapore 469C Bukit Timah Road Singapore 259772

Mon 13 August 2018 to Fri 17 August 2018

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Fri 13 July 2018

Over 5 days, participants will be introduced to the main theoretical frameworks and tools being used to analyse, develop, implement, monitor, evaluate, and communicate public policies. Topics include:

  • Conceptualising policy capacity
  • Political capacity: sharpening policy acumen
  • Administrative capacity: managing the policy process
  • Analytical capacity: establishing evidence-based policy process
  • Identifying and defining public problems
  • Formulating and assessing workable solutions
  • Overcoming barriers to policy implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluating outcomes
  • Stakeholder management in policy development
  • Handling complexities in public policy
  • Communicating policy messages

The programme is designed for policy analysts, strategists, and government professionals in policy functions, with more than 2 years of work experience. It is most suited for anyone requiring introduction and exposure to policymaking and programme development.

With an international appeal, the programme regularly attracts participants globally, including Singapore, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Egypt, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, South Korea, Timor-Leste, UAE, United Kingdom, and USA.

Programme cost:

S$5,130 + 7% GST #

S$4,617 + 7% GST # (for group registrations of 3 and above)

S$4,104 + 7% GST # (for LKY School Degree Programme/Executive Education Programme Alumni)

*Fee is inclusive of lunch, refreshments and learning support materials

# Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable for Singapore-based participants and overseas participants who are self-funded or sponsored by Singapore organisations.


Executive Education Department
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore
469C Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259772

Tel: (65) 6601 5774 / 6516 8697
Fax: (65) 6872 9291

Application Deadline:02 July 2018


Adrian Kuah

Head of Case Study Unit and Senior Research Fellow

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Caroline Brassard

Visiting Scholar, Asia Research Institute

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Donald Low

Advisor to Executive Education

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Eduardo Araral

Co-Director (Institute of Water Policy) and Associate Professor

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James Crabtree

Associate Professor in Practice

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Leong Ching

Co-Director (Institute of Water Policy) and Assistant Professor

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Paul Cheung

Professor (Practice)

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