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Alumni Community

The more than 2,000 graduates of our degree programmes live and work in about 80 countries, forming a diverse community that the School continues to draw support from. Our alumni have gone on to become ambassadors and editors, social entrepreneurs and, of course, government officials, all working to make a difference in Asia and beyond. Anywhere you go, odds are that you will find one of our graduates, working in ministries and government agencies or in multinational corporations, non-profits and multilateral institutions.

To name a few, LKY School graduates have gone on to work at organisations including Asian Development Bank, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, United Nations and the World Bank.

As our alumni community continues to grow, the School regularly organizes events and facilitates gatherings that provide alumni with meaningful social and intellectual networking opportunities.


If you are an alumnus/alumna of LKY School, and would like to reconnect with your former classmates and other alumni, please visit our LinkedIn page here.

Featured Alumni

Johannes Loh

Master in Public Policy (Exchange) Programme, 2010
President of the Singapore Alumni Chapter and  Research Director, Blackbox Research

“People know each other well enough and give each other the time and attention that you might not find if you are studying at a large university. I think this is really something that LKYSPP alumni should treasure and work towards” — Johannes Loh

Currently the Research Director at Blackbox Research, Johannes is a specialist in strategic public policy studies and oversees both Government and NGO projects at Blackbox. Prior to joining Blackbox Research, Johannes worked as a researcher at the LKY School as part of the Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin, a research project focused on urban poverty and innovative developmental approaches in Southeast Asia.

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