Strategic Partner

ACI works in formal collaboration with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC) at Harvard University. ISC is led by world-renown competitiveness expert, Prof Michael Porter. ACI and ISC collaborate in teaching, research, and quantitative assessments of national and regional competitiveness. Through this strategic partnership, ACI aims to build intellectual leadership and network for understanding and developing competitiveness in ASEAN.

ACI leverages on ISC’s expertise in competitiveness analysis for studies in Asia by tapping on its analytical templates as well as data and methodology. Prof Porter chairs ACI’s International Advisory Panel and provides guidance to the Institute on its research agenda and strategic development.

img_Prof_Michael_PorterProf Michael Porter
International Advisory Panel
Asia Competitiveness Institute

“Competitiveness requires dynamic interactions between government and business leaders to jointly solve problems that are at the intersection of policy, economics and business. ACI plays a strategic role in building a network of professionals and institutions that understands and applies the economics of competitiveness to the countries in the region. It adopts an independent, fact-based and objective approach to analysing competitiveness, and provides a platform that enables important issues to be surfaced and addressed.

I am excited about the positive role that ACI can play in the economic development of the region. Our partnership with ACI will give it a head-start. In the longer term, ACI will develop its own intellectual frameworks and models that will influence the thinking and practice of competitiveness in the region and other parts of the world.”

Partner Institutions

ACI forges alliances with relevant institutions and organisations to facilitate regional cooperation on competitiveness issues. It aspires to be the hub in an emerging network of competitiveness professionals and institutions in the ASEAN region and continues to explore opportunities for collaboration with universities in the region.

Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)

As part of ACI’s competitiveness enhancement effort in Vietnam, it has signed two MOUs with the CIEM and VCCI to collaborate on joint research, training, capacity building, development and exchange activities. CIEM is a think tank institution under the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment whose main function is to develop and propose policies for planning and socio-economic development purposes while VCCI is a national organization of Vietnamese enterprises, employers and business associations which is mandated to promote, protect and support the enterprises and contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam. In cooperation with these two main partners, ACI aims to help enhance Vietnam’s economic growth and improve the people’s standard of living through a comprehensive two-year capacity development program.

University of Indonesia (UI)

An Agreement of Implementation has been signed between UI and ACI for a joint competitiveness study on the Special Economic Zone of Batam, Bintan and Karimun amongst other potential collaborations in the future.

National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA)

ACI has signed an MOU with NIDA, Thailand for research collaboration and faculty/student exchange. The institute is also collaborating with NIDA to jointly develop case studies for teaching purposes.