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Yan Yifei

Yan Yifei

PhD Student

Yan Yifei

Other degrees:

  • European Master in Law and Economics (Distinction) (M.Sc. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research; European Master in Law and Economics, University of Gent; Master in Law and Economics, University of Bologna)
  • Bachelor in Economics, Fudan University
  • Bachelor in Law, Fudan University

Area of Interest:

  • Urban-rural disparity
  • Social security net
  • India
  • China
  • Policy implementation


Where are you from?

Shanghai, China

What sparked your interest in public policy?

I was writing my master thesis "Fundamental Causes for China's Urban-Rural Disparity: A Law and Political Economy Analysis" when I found out that China’s urban-rural disparity by far was largely caused by biased policies. A comparison with the case of India later further confirmed that many policies that make economic sense might not be implemented because of its political feasibility, and vice versa. Thus incubated my curiosity on how public policy is formulated, decided and implemented in general and in the context of developing economies in particular.

Why did you choose to pursue a PhD at LKYSPP?

My primary focus is on India and China. Therefore, I am naturally attracted to the excellent resources offered by LKYSPP regarding research on these two emerging economies. The expertise here on Southeast Asian countries would also offer an excellent for future comparison in areas from decentralization to public participation.

What do you enjoy the most about your studies or research work at LKYSPP?

Public Policy is still a new area to me and I like the fact that I am finding new topics of interest and am able to explore them with the help of my professors and gaining progress day by day. The rigorous foundational courses for the first year are also supposed to give me a solid platform from which I will benefit immensely in the future.

Want to share any highlights such as awards, special events, professional presentation of your work?

“Farmer Response to an Aggravating Urban-Rural Disparity: A Law and Political Economy Comparison between China and India”. Paper presented on Second Interdisciplinary Symposium for Emerging Scholars on India China Studies hosted by India China Institute.

What are your career goals?

I aspire to gain expertise related to development policies with rigorous training in public policy as well as interdisciplinary perspectives from economics, law and politics. I plan to be especially familiar with the Chinese and Indian context, acquainted with situations in other developing nations, and knowledgeable about the Western experience. I will carry on to create and spread knowledge on above-mentioned fields in both academia and development organizations.





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