Azad Singh Bali |

Azad Singh Bali

Azad Singh Bali

PhD Candidate

Azad Singh Bali

PhD Advisor:


Visiting Professor M. Ramesh


Area of Interest:

Comparative healthcare and pension reforms, politics of economic reform, empirical examination of public policy issues in India


Where are you from?

What sparked your interest in public policy?
I am disciplined in the economic sciences. However, have come to appreciate that economic development and progress is both an economic and political process. The inter-disciplinary nature of social inquiry, and policy-relevance of research draws me to study public policy.

Why did you choose to pursue a PhD at LKY School?
The research infrastructure, collegial spirit, and close collaboration with faculty on diverse research projects.

What are your career goals?
My passion lies in pedagogy and research. I hope to establish a research program in comparative health policy in Asia, and contribute to the scholarship on empirical examination of policy issues in India.


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