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Activities and Projects

Below are just some of the activities and projects our students are involved in.

  • A group of MPA students created their very own version of the LKY School Corporate Video. The video was created by our 2009/2010 MPA students. This is an independent work of the students’ project and does not profess to be official video of the school.
  • Chipping away divides, building lifelong bonds. The Faculty Sculptures project is an interactive carving effort involving the NUS community of alumni, students, staff and faculty from the various NUS Faculties and Schools.
  • LKY School Essay Competition 2008. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is pleased to announce its first essay competition with the general theme: Official Development Assistance (ODA): Can It Be Fixed? The competition is seeking action-oriented essays that:
    • Provide insights (with examples) into cases where development assistance is judged by the writer(s) to have been successful or to have failed (or some combination thereof), laying out the reasons and criteria underlying that evaluation;
    • Propose some innovative, workable solutions to make development assistance more effective and/or alternative approaches that would work better than development assistance.
  • Sriganesh Lokanathan, Amit Verma, Alejandro Gonzales, Marianne Marker (exchange student from University of Copenhagen) won the first prize in the 2009 Best Microeconomics of Competitiveness Student Paper Contest at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School. The team’s paper was entitled, “Ecotourism in Malaysia”. It included a thorough analysis of the possibility of developing ecotourism in Malaysia as well as policy recommendations for expanding the industry.
  • Azul Ogazon, Tian Yifang, Nidhi, and Kiran Malik won the Creative Award for the Non-Hong Kong Teams in the I Generation Youth Integrity Programme organized by the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption. 
    The students were invited to a prize presentation ceremony in Hong Kong where they also participated in seminars and discussions with participants.
  • Zacharry Yuson Lim and Lee Nuridah won a Lien Centre for Social Innovation‘s research grant of S$1,500 to support their Policy Analysis Exercise fieldwork and research.As part of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation’s efforts to encourage local research in the Social Innovation sphere, it provides a grant to all undergraduate students (senior theses/equivalent) and postgraduate students (Master/PhD) who undertake research in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility, Unmet Social Needs, and New Social Models.
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