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Publisher: World Scientific

  • Lai Chee Kien

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press

The early structures in Singapore were constructed from locally available materials. After British colonisation, more durable materials were used in buildings, which were designed like those built in London or Delhi. Alongside these were the shophouse blocks that filled the grid of the early town. As locals came through the ranks of public service and later struck out on their own, local architecture firms were set up at the turn of the 20th century and by 1958, architecture was taught at the Singapore Polytechnic. The periods of nation-building and global city calibration led to works by both local and foreign architects that now endow the skylines and landscapes of the island- state.
  • Seng Yu Jin and Shabbir Hussain Mustafa

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press

A collection of short essays written by the two authors, this book is an unconventional chronicle of the visual arts in Singapore. By venturing into pressing issues and concerns that surround art practice, they journey through episodes from the 19th century to the analysis of significant moments in Singapore’s modern and contemporary art history. Approaching Singapore Art as an ever-evolving question, this book foregrounds the role of its artists in awakening the demand for criticality and active participation in the changing domains of art in society.

  • Li Qingyan

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

  • ATMAKURI, Archana
    CHAN Jia Hao

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

  • SCOTT, David

Publisher: Centre on Asia and Globalisation

January 2019

States, Institutions, and International Law in The South China Sea Dispute (Forthcoming)

  • HUANG Jing
    BERGER, Blake H.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

  • Asher, Mukul
    Zen, Fauziah
    Dita, Astrid

Publisher: Routledge

  • KIKUCHI, Tomoo
    SAKURAGAWA, Masaya

Publisher: Routledge

May 2019

Offsetting Uncertainty: Reassurance under Two-Sided Incomplete Information (Forthcoming)

Publisher: American Journal of Political Science

Publisher: World Development, 117:313-327

April 2019

Things Unspoken: Forbidden Discourse and Credible Signals in the Shadow of Power (Forthcoming)

Publisher: Political Science Quarterly

Publisher: Nikkei Asian Review

Publisher: Today Online

Publisher: University World News

    Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies

    • KIKUCHI, Tomoo

    Publisher: Journal of Asian Economics, 55:1-3

      Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies

      April 2018

      Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Productivity Spillovers and the Role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Financing: An Overview

      Publisher: 'Published as a journal article in "Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy"

      December 2017

      One Country – Two Economies” in Vietnam: Assessment and Policy Recommendations

      • TAN Khee Giap, LUU NGUYEN Trieu Duong & Diamanta Vania LAVI