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Publisher: Economics of Education Review, 62:162-169

November 2017

Ex-Post Evaluation of Illegalizing Juvenile Online Game After Midnight: A Case Of Shutdown Policy in South Korea

  • Changjun Lee
    Hongbum Kim
    Ahreum Hong

Publisher: Telematics and Informatics, 34(8):1597-1606

Publisher: New Delhi: Times Group Books

April 2017

Routledge Handbook Of Comparative Policy Analysis

Publisher: Routledge Handbook of Comparative Policy Analysis

February 2015

Singapore Perspectives 2015: Choices

  • Eds. Carol Soon
    Hoe Su Fern

February 2015

Singapore Perspectives 2016: We

  • Eds. Teng Siao See
    Justin Lee

Publisher: Institute of Policy Studies

May 2017

Decoding the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE)

  • Tan Tai Loong Alex
    Chew Si Jun Petrina

Publisher: IPS Working Papers No. 26

November 2016

Media and Internet Use During General Election 2015

  • Ed. Carol Soon
    Tan Tarn How
    Nadzirah Samsudin

Publisher: IPS Exchange Series No. 11

August 2016

SG50 and Beyond: Protecting the Public Space in the New Era of Singaporean Pluralism

  • Johannis Bin Abdul
    , KOH, Gillian,
    Mathew Mathews
    Tan Min-Wei

Publisher: IPS Working Papers No. 25